Homework Guidelines

Note for parents: Homework is an important extension of schoolwork and allows students time to practice skills learned during the school day. Parents are encouraged to provide a setting for homework that allows the child to concentrate on the assignment. Best results are obtained when homework is done at a consistent time and place. Listed below are general guidelines for homework. Keep in mind that time required to complete homework can vary from student to student, depending on individual work habits.

Kindergarten: Kindergarten students will be assigned homework Monday through Friday. The work sent home reinforces skills taught in the classroom and will usually not take more than 10 minutes to complete. It is not graded work, but rewards are given to students who complete their homework for the week. Privileges are not taken away if homework has not been completed.

First Grade: Homework for first grade should consist of 20-30 minutes of assignments each night. This includes reading, math, spelling, and at times a project.

Second Grade: Homework should take about 20-30 minutes each evening. Assignments will include math and language arts (spelling/grammar), with occasional assignments related to a specific unit of study.

Third Grade: Up to 30-35 minutes of homework will be assigned per night. Usually, this will be 20 minutes of reading and 10 minutes of math. In addition, parents can determine how often and how long their child studies spelling and vocabulary words.

Fourth Grade:  We expect students to have about 45 minutes of homework each day.

Each night we ask that the students read something for 20-30 minutes. We give math and reading homework each night. For reading homework, we ask that they read the story aloud to a parent and study vocabulary.

Fifth Grade: Students will have up to one hour of homework nightly. In addition, students should read a minimum of 20 minutes per night on Accelerated Reader books. There will be no homework given on Friday. 

Quest Homework: The Quest Program serves identified gifted students. Quest students are assigned weekly vocabulary/Latin roots. The average grade level receives the following pages/words:

1 st  Grade – One-third page, average of 6-8 words per week

2 nd  Grade – One-half page, average of 8-10 words per week

3 rd  Grade – One page, average of 10-18 words per week

4 th  Grade – Two pages, average of 24-28 words per week

5 th  Grade – Two pages, average of 24-28 words per week

Quest students may also be assigned one or two at-home unit projects each nine week grading period. 

 Additional Notes:

  1. These are general guidelines for parents and teachers. There may be times when special class projects are conducted which do not conform to these guidelines.
  2. Homework assignments for students in the special education program may be modified for individual students, as appropriate.
  3. Parents who have questions or concerns about homework should contact the teacher responsible for assigning the homework.