Grading Practices

The following charts outline the grading practices of the Newton County School System. Progress reports will be sent home each nine weeks to notify parents of their child's current academic and social development. For more information see the Newton County Elementary Curriculum page.

Students in kindergarten receive grade reports via the GKIDS assessment. The kindergarten curriculum provides a balanced program that addresses the social, emotional, physical, and academic development of each child. Through processes of exploration, discovery, and invention, our kindergarten children develop the concepts, skills, and attitudes necessary for continued success in school.

Explanation of Grading System

Letter Grades

S = Satisfactory

P = Progressing

N = Needs Improvement
Number Grades

4 = Exceeding the Standard

3 = Meeting the Standard

2 = Progress toward meeting the Standard

1 = Limited or Minimum Progress toward meeting the Standard.
Numeric Grades

A = 90 - 100

B = 80 - 89

C = 70 - 79

F = Below 70