Car Rider Procedure/Drop Off

Car Rider Procedure/Drop Off

Dear Parents,

We need your help in making our car rider drop off as smooth and efficient as possible.

Students may not be dropped off on the side or in back of the building, or at the library next door. We have no adult supervision for these areas. Students should only be dropped off on the curb in the front of the school.

Teachers are spread out on sidewalk to ensure the safety of all. The procedure is for ALL students to get out of car, from the awning ALL the way down the line to end of building (where the last teacher is stationed). This  makes the line run quickly. If students can open their own doors and get out, great. If they are too little, the teachers will open the door to assist them in getting out. When everyone gets out at the same time, seven (7) cars all at once, the line can then move forward for the next seven (7) cars. When we do this efficiently and quickly, it helps people not be late to both school and work.

I appreciate your help in this matter.

Dr. Brenda Gammans, Ph.D.