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Please remember that the Self-Paced does not include direct instruction with a teacher. Students should not be logging into Zoom lessons with an OHES teacher. If you would like to switch from Self-Paced to School Based instruction please contact the OHES office.
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Epic - the Epic code given in the Digital Library Code is a class for all Self-Paced students. Epic does not all you to have various level in one class, however you can change the Lexile level to find books on your child's reading level.

When you are logged in find the row of choices with the thumbs up icon, Click on Lexile. When Explore by Reading Level: appears click the down arrow and the various Lexile levels will be displayed. Click on a level and new books will be displayed. You can also search for specific books using the search at the top of the page.
Epic lexile levels

Remember to always start in the Canvas course to begin or continue all assignments.All ELA lessons in Edgenuity begin with a pre-test. Lessons are created based on the results of the pre-tests. 

Student should log into My LaunchPad to be able to access all the resources available to them.

All students in the self-paced model will start with the Canvas course for ALL assignments and instructions.

Instructions will be given in the Canvas course to notify students when they need to log into Edgenuity  on the My Launchpad dashboard. All ELA lessons in Edgenuity begin with a pre-test. Lessons are created based on the results of the pre-tests. 


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Remember to self-enroll in the K-5 Self-Paced Canvas Course at this link:
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